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U2 - Vertigo Tour 2nd leg: Europe

2005-07-05: Slaski Stadium, Chorzow - Poland

( other U2 shows at this location )

<<< 2005-07-02 - Vienna | 2005-07-06 - Edinburgh >>>


2005-07-06 - IT WAS A MIRACLE submitted by Qba

70 000 people from Polska, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Russia... THX 4 GREATEST ATMOSPHERE I haven't expected in my dreams...

IT WAS A MIRACLE - So much prayers have come true.
The weather report 4 D-DAY showed that: U don't have to be a flood-loving masochist to go there, but it helpes.

It all started earlier waiting for a night train from Warsaw,which took us to Chorzow. We were rocking the station :D like U2 was there. After a few hours at 9 o'clock we were ready to que for the next 6 h :o) and wasn't ready to stand the last 2 hours standing in 30 deegrees heat at the gates (people were nice to share the water Thx U) aaand then we got the best - THE BEST places in front of the stage, ~in the middle of the "head phones" 2 steps to each side :D. And there was so much place everybody could just lay there.
And so we did :).
... anyway after next two hours we saw nothing but the blue sky with stormy clouds from each side. And the gap which stayed wright above the stadium closed ... we were flooded. More.
We were devastated, but when Magic Numbers started playing - the time started speeding up. I must say that the girls where pretty brave standing there like untoched, not going under courtains. THX to them the time went faster. and there were a little bit to arrogant the Killers and during their concert the rain'd stopped ... for 10 minutes :)
and we saw Bono and Larry watching their show from behind.

And here is 1st MIRACLE:
The heaviest rain that day stopped 10 minuts before their show and never came back :D

The 2nd MIRACLE:
The SHOW, Bono is the greatest frontman, showman and he showed his superiourity that day. The songs he did were increadible, VERTIGO, Electri Co., All I want is U, Beautyful Day, New Year's Day (during wihch we've made a polish flag, red on the bottom, and white on the tribunes and it worked perfectly the view was astonishing)
"but I still haven't found what I'm looking 4", I loved the chours I wish it could last longer, With or Without U another classic, One Halleluha. City of blinding lights it was Ace. Zooropa great walk Sgt Bono :o), The Fly was so cool, screens filled with new meanings, words. Earlier incredible bit with mobiles, It was so sparkling oh gosh :o)
Another moment: He wanted a person to translate a story from English to Polish for him (I was dreaming that I was choosen 1)... No one answered... then a teen was lifted to the stage, Bono told the story in English, and the girl confessed to us, "Wiecie co, ja tak na prawdę nie znam angielskiego":P (To be honest with U, I really don't speak english :D ) but she knew it was a story about the greatest person, who did so much 4 us - Jan Paweł II. She didn't understand the bit where Bono let her take his glasses though and she walked without them.
Oh my gosh going back to the songs:
There is so many songs which I haven't mentioned:
which brought magic: One, Yahweh (the bit about Poland, Irland & Irish Pubs :o), Bullet the Blue Sky (Coexist), Beautifull Day, Elevation, Where The Streets have no name, Pride, All because of U, Miracle Drug, Sometimes U can't make it on your own (dedicated to Jan Paweł II) beautifull voice, great interacting with us there ...
aaaaaaa I wish I could see U 1 more time in Polska !!! And all the sniplets...
Jolly Gosh I'm crying happy tears writing this. So much passion and so much joy, I say miracle (A concert in POLAND)
But I've 2 sleepless nights and a voice that makes even the greatest alcoholic quiting the habbit so...

Dziękuję było ZAJEFAJNIE :o)

Thanks To U2 and all the guys and girls for sharing the experience. Especially to Kasia,Ania,Paulina,Magda, Piotrek,Eliasz,Paweł,Mariusz (hope I got your names right :P)
THX 2 all of U, 4 supporting us in HOW LONG TO SING THIS SONG chours :o)


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