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U2 - 360° Tour 7th leg: North America

2011-06-07: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland - California

( venue website | other U2 shows at this location )

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2011-06-11 - 360 Oakland Rocked submitted by tamara

This was my only 360 show - I would love to be able to go to another but its just not in the cards.

The GA line went great - I was pretty stressed out beforehand about it but it seemed to be for no reason. Thank you to Nick and everyone else involved. Thanks to all the kick ass people who were around in line as well. Everyone made the day stream by nicely .
Overall the show was simply amazing. I kept on looking back around at the huge crowd in the coliseum and was blown away by just the sheer amount to people there. My first "stadium" concert, so it was all a bit overwhelming.
As I posted before, it was uncomfortable listening to Moonalice - but hell, good for them. It was a good opportunity for them, however they came about it. All my digs at them were made before they even went onstage. My bf was cracking jokes and giving me "looks" all through thier set. I finally had to scold him and tell him to be respectful. Although I was trying hard not to crack a smile at his joking around.

Lenny put on a much better set than I expected. I am not a fan of his really but I found myself rocking out. I was LOVING his trumpet player - how kick ass was that guy! Did anyone else notice that Lenny's guitar tech seemed to have flubbed up a couple times? Lenny looked less than pleased.

I'll get my pit complaints out first:
Of course when Space Oddity started playing, the pit got PACKED. I had picked out a spot where I thought I would have a very good eyeline to the center of the stage and still have a couple of up close moments as Bono and boys walked around the catwalk. I also thought that being at the back around the rail on the catwalk would give me a smidge more room when the band was all on the main stage. I was completely wrong. Rookie mistake, I guess, plus the pit being overcrowded made it impossible to have any room, no matter where you were. Somehow I was lucky enough to end up surrounded by a group of people who seemed to not want to be at the show. A couple of the group were texting/tweeting through the whole show, seriously, through the whole thing. One person held his hands over his ears for parts of the show. None of them seemed to be fans. Why anyone would have dealt with being packed in that crowd for a band they were not enjoying is a mystery to me. Gave me a slightly bad vibe, but eh, f*ck um. I'm sure they found it even more fun with me screaming the songs at the back of their heads. (umm maybe that's why the one guy had his hands on his ears...)

Okay now the good stuff. It is hard to pick out favorite moments - everything sounded great. I didn't feel a lull in the show at any point. Every song seem to hit spot on. The sound was so amazingly clear and in no way overwhelming. I guess if I have to pick my favorite moments, I loved Bono throwing around the white roses at the start of the show. Of course, Larry singing a tune. Hearing Zooropa live - one of my very favorite songs - was amazing.

The one aspect of a U2 that hooked me from my first show was the feeling of hanging out a few ten thousands of fellow fans all singing the same songs and getting excited about the same songs. It doesn't happen all too often, and personally I can't think of another musical artist whose show I would go to where it would be as electric, for me, as a U2 show. It is always a bonus when the band is playing spot on and everything is perfect, but even if there are missed beats, missed lyrics, Bono's voice is off, whatever, it doesn't matter cause we are all gonna be there singing our lungs out. That's why I love U2 shows. I definitely had that feeling at this show.

I will say this - and its an obvious thing - Elevation and Vertigo were much more "intimate" affairs. 360, for me, was almost all energy and adrenaline. The prior two tours were more emotional. In comparison I think I prefer the more emotional to the pure energy. That is not a complaint at all, just an observation. And it also isn't to say that 360 is without emotion. I was really taken with the intro to Beautiful Day and Walk On and honestly nearly lost it crying during Stay, but hell, I nearly cry whenever I hear that song.

Anyway, that was a much longer post than I intended but I feel better now having got it out.


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