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U2 - Vertigo Tour 1st leg: North America

2005-04-28: General Motors Place, Vancouver - British Columbia

( other U2 shows at this location )

<<< 2005-04-27 - Vancouver | 2005-04-29 - Vancouver >>>


2005-05-01 - Craig's Review - Vancouver April 28 & 29, 2005 submitted by Craig Roberts

Here's my review -

Hi everyone.

My wife and I went to the show last night (6th row, section 118!!!). I figured we were very lucky to be sitting where we were when the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks arrived just before U2 came on and sat just to the right of us... I wonder how he felt about 20,000 excited and sweaty concert fans invading his office for the evening?

I also went to the video shoot on Wednesday night.

Looking back on the last two nights I'd agree that the video shoot was a very rare, once in a lifetime opportunity. The show itself was predictably AMAZING. Those four guys can connect sonically and
emotionally better than anyone - ANYONE (include the whole list of politicians, religious leaders, musicians, icons, etc, etc).

Last night was big and loud and entertaining. Conversely, the video shoot felt intimate, almost like a (semi) private moment with just a small group of fans and the band. Bono's "hokey pokey" playing around
and hamming it up that night was very real, very playful - and not something you would get at a show when most stage moves are carefully
figured out and planned in advance. Seeing Bono pull off an impromptu entertainment moment was... PRICELESS (as they say at Mastercard).

Some people have asked about getting tickets: I think the only way is to stay at the box office the morning of the show. They do put some tickets on sale. I bought one this way on the last tour. That said, the big
story in all the papers in Vancouver is how HOT the U2 ticket is, with disgusting prices from scalpers. We gave two extra section 119 tickets to a friend last night; I couldn't live with myself if I sold u2 tickets
for profit... bad karma.

- "Africa" ...Streets Have No Name;
- Bono pulling about a dozen or more people on stage throughout the
show, including some very lucky ONE t-shirt wearers;
- Declaration of Human Rights (a VERY POWERFUL moment; I think a lot of
people were in awe with lumps in their throats);
- Edge rocking out on many of the up tempo songs;
- Adam walking around the elipse with a BIG SMILE on his face and
pulling off some impressive rock star poses (DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE HE
- ZOO STATION was definitely one of the most entertaining moments of the
- Bono talking about Canada and the need for leadership within the G8
and of course posting the Prime Minister's number on the screen
(unfortunately they put the wrong number up first but corrected it
a few songs later);
- Bono taking off his shades for what can only be described as a very beautiful and touching SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN. I had the binoculars fixed on him at that point and I swear his eyes were very watery, they looked like they were filled with tears but he wasn't
crying. It was a touching and powerful performance, a tribute to a Father from a Son;
- Larry at the end of the elipse pounding away in the middle of the show;
- Adam playing guitar (sort of) and Edge playing bass on "40";
- I had the binocs on Larry for ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and his face was full of emotion, rocking out. He looked like he was LOVING that song;
- Bono using a spotlight in an otherwise totally dark arena to get people in the upper levels doing the "wave."

I also love that Bono dedicated MIRACLE DRUG to medicine and the doctors and nurses (that got a big cheer from my wife and our friend who are
both docs).

I'd say the crowd responded the most enthusiastically to STREETS (duh!),
VERTIGO (it was played LOUD and HEAVY - very cool!), ALL BECAUSE OF YOU,
ELEVATION (when the band really kicked in, which was midway through the
song). BAD and ONE were also very powerful. When the bright lights came
on for STREETS EVERYONE in the place was up and rocking out (it looked
like something you'd see from a European or Australian concert film back
when INXS ruled the world).

Songs that didn't stick as well to the crowd (although they were far
from bombs) were GLORIA (sadly! - although there were definitely many fans who reacted very well to this one, just not the majority in the audience..) and MIRACLE DRUG (Bono sang this one really well but I guess the crowd mostly just listened and watched).

I did miss THE ELECTRIC CO on Thursday, but I bet the lucky people going Friday will hear it!

Cheers from Vancouver.


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