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U2 - PopMart 2nd leg: Europe

1997-08-14: Strahov Stadium, Prague - Czech Republic

( other U2 shows at this location )

<<< 1997-08-12 - Warsaw | 1997-08-16 - Wiener Neustadt >>>


2006-03-09 - CZau Prahaaaaaa submitted by Sjoa

It's a long time to great Popmart tour.. i remember I was happy when they put out tour dates and Prague was there!! It was sad that u2 didn't come to Prague in july 1993 during Zooropa tour, there was a lot of talk about the show (you can see a lot of free days for u2 after Budapest show), also a lot of talk a year before during ZOO TV but there was no arena where to used trabant lights except arena in Ostrava, but u2 want to be in Prague, this was the reason why they don't come here and why Bono talk "it's complicated" during show in Prague. "As we know that all is about money... U2's proclamation was: we spent some money to do our concerts in places like Warsaw, Prague, Sarajevo etc..." but the concert shows it's not true - more than 80 000 crowd made more money than some Popmart shows together in Germany!!
I've had a ticket for the concert soon as I had a POP album... During July after the hard rainy days in Morava (east half-part of Czech rep.) u2 started their European tour. U2 dedicated 2-3 thousand tickets to the people of Morava after the flood disaster in central Europe on Odra river.
To build Popmart construction in Prague was used 3 truck-mounted cranes (two 50t, one 80t), lights and sounds systems was applicated a day before the show when U2 arrived from Warsaw to hotel InterContinental, but as we know Bono arrived at 3a.m. 14.8.97.

It was hot day when we waited before the stadium. so I was happy when I was in, but it was nearly immpossible to take there any photo-cams or cams through the security. When show started everything was so beautiful, my first u2 show and I sang every word and dance with first 6 song, New Year's Day is great on this show, Bono said: "Willie turn the lights off" and it was ghost of Popmart in that moment... Pride was dedicated for our president Vaclav Havel, bono said it funny "vaklaf" :)) Sorry but I cant remeber all the gig through the thrilling moments in me there...
Great moments of this show was the begining and the end! (U2 played great version of Mysterious ways that night!)
I hope I one day will see complete proshot (not only first 3 songs) from Prague show (Edge was not so up as usually, he was not so good with his health as Bono talked on Wien press-conference Edge missed!) but the show in front of second biggest attendance till this Popmart show I never forget. it was my first u2 show, and so great for me as show in Wien on Vertigo tour. Edge's karaoke BORN TO BE WILD was very good thought in Prague! everytime I am dancing on original version in rock clubs I remember The Edge and his singing...

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