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U2 - Vertigo Tour 3rd leg: North America

2005-10-11: Madison Square Garden, New York - New York

( venue website | other U2 shows at this location )

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2005-10-12 - Ying Yang submitted by Peter LOeber

Okay i had maybe some the best seats ever and also coolest angle, i was section 65 like corner of the stage and 2nd row, and the Edge was literally 20 feet infront of me while playin Mrs Sarajevo. This was my first time seeing them, and first time at an arena so i knew i was more then fortunate to attened this show, but where i was the sound was very blah, you could make out what songs they were but the reverb was insane and couldnt hear one word Bono would say between soongs.

Ive been following and reading the setlists and knew the main set so of course the encore was a big deal for this tour. The opened with my 2 favorite from the new album and possibly 2 of all time favorite u2 songs and it started off great. I read "I will Follow" was played the last 2 nights so i was really excited but we got "out of control" replacing both that and the "electric Co" which was a nice gem of the night. "i still havent found what im looking for" was alright live surprisingly,i also think they cut alot out of it for the snipet. "beautiful Day" was pretty good, felt like the show started all over again with these arena song. The next 2 i was schocked how good were live which were "Sometime you cant,," which had me tear a bit during the chorus. Love or Peace was a song keeping the audience going with its big groove section and had be dancing. "Sunday BLoody Sunday" at first was "okay its this song", but id say half way into it and when he got a kid on stage to say "no More" it was a little overwhelming and maybe most emotional track of the night.

Next came "bullet in the Blue Sky". I can' tell you how much i love this song. Its so simple yet powerful at the same time. I was really anticipating for this and I have seen the live version off Rattle and Hum and was like "OH MY GOD". It turns out, they dont do the best part of the song live these days which is when Bono does he whole "rose on a thorn bush" speach! Instead! he lays on the floor lookin possessed and the edge winds up doing an extended solo, which was pretty good but that songs needs Bono's snippets in it to make it totally work. Instead they throw in a couple snippets at the end which were not worth it compared to the original song.

Ms Sarajevo was next and was awsome hearing them without Pavaretii and Bono sang it pretty good, and i wish i brought my camera for the Edge was 20 feet infront of me on piano. They then went into "Pride" which was alight live, definitly another arena staple song, love it to death but didn't shake me live.

"Where the Streets have no name" was next and i practically was like wow. ITs in my top 5 U2 songs and was clapping my ass off. For me lyrically it means alot cause im always travelling to see a friend rather be in New Jersey, New York, or San Francisco. THe Highlight of the night was also during this song where Adam and Bono were in the middle of the arena and the house lights went on and you can see the thousands of people all and the feel the unity of being together for this experience.

Then came "One" which was i was schoked really good live. "have you come to raise the dead" was as chilling live as it is on album. They did anoter snippet of Old Man River then huddled and left

I was like wow, musically and visually awsome, this encore had alot to live up to now i knew why everyone on boards make a big deal about the encore becuse its like "now what?" after such an amazing set. I was also hoping theyd bust out Zoo Station from the night before but i got the opposite. It was like an acoustic set almost and i was diggin it, it felt like it was more for a ballroom setting "the first time" and "stuck in a moment" i like but i think i just could of cared less cause i saw em play it on COnan last week. "fast cars" i never heard before and was very schoked how good it was so this woke me back up a bit. With or Without you was good but i was expecting more of a feeling seeing it live, i think the crowd was just more loud then they were so kinda cancelled it out.

They then left again and said i can either stay and see or go and take the train, i wish now that i have taken the train. "ALl because of You" was pretty good considering how plain it was on Conan. "crums on your table" is another fav for me off the new one and went really well. and then "40" was "40" haha I dont think that song is that great to begin with especially for a closing track and should be played as the first set closer, not the very very last song. "Bad" is a more suitable closer by a landslide i think.

Well awsome show, definitly not the best one ive ever been to but it was good and now i can say i saw u2. I think i was just bummed the encore was just plain and didnt fufill the "whats next?" feeling after the first set, and didnt have alot of 'in your face' songs to rock to like "whose gonna ride your wild horses" or "discoteque" or "new years day". oh hell i would of gone crazy if they did "two hearts beat as one".


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